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Duval County, Florida Cemeteries






Acosta Cemetery, Tisonia





Advent (Springfield) Christian Church Cemetery.

22 May 2004 by Barbara Crissman and Kathy Balistreri and 31 Mar 2005 by Ann Staley and Ray Oliver

22 May 2004 by Barbara Crissman and 31 Mar 2005 by Ann Staley

Directions: This cemetery is located at 138 W. 17th Street, Jacksonville, Florida. It can be reached by going north on Main Street and turning left on 17th Street. The cemetery is almost in the middle of the block between Laura and Siver Streets in between two houses. One house sits sideways on the lot, facing the cemetery.

Anderson Cemetery, Mayport





Arlington Cemetery, Arlington Rd





Arlington Memorial, Lone Star Rd.





Arlington Park Cemetery





Baldwin Cemetery, Baldwin





Baptist Brick Church





Beaches Memorial Gardens, Atlantic Beach





Beth Shalom Cemetery





Bethel Church Cemetery, Belair Rd.





Bigelow Cemetery

1 December 2000 by Barbara Crissman and Kathy Balistreri

Jan 2004 by Barbara Crissman

Directions: University Blvd. North and turn left onto Floral Bluff Road. At Catlin Street, the Bigelow Cemetery is in a fenced in yard on the left.


Bishop's Garden Cinerarium





B'Nai Israel/Evergreen Cemetery, Brentwood





Borden Cemetery (Black), Marietta





Bowden Cemetery (Old), Bowden Rd

Barbara Crissman and Kathy Balistreri


Directions: At the traffic light, corner of Bowden Road and Parental Home Road, the entrance to the cemetery is at the house on the right.




Bowles Cemetery. See Eubanks Memorial/Bowles/Dees Landing Cemetery




Brandy Branch Cemetery, Near Baldwin




Broward Cemetery, Dunn Ave.




Brown Cemetery, Arlington




Brunson Cemetery, Marietta




James Buckland, Gravesite




Cameron-Gilmore Cemetery, Arlington

April 6, 2001 by Barbara Crissman and Kathy Balistreri

 Barbara Crissman

Directions: At Ft. Caroline Road, in Jacksonville, turn right on Rio Cove. Turn right at privacy fence of first house on the right. This is a small cemetery

Camp Mooney Cemetery

V5:1:40 (Thomas H. Sikes, Mar 1977); V25:2:71 & V25:3:139(George M. Gallamore, Jr., Summer 1997); Barbara Crissman and Kathy Balistreri (16 Mar 2001); and Ann Staley and Barbara Crissman (Mar 10, 2006).

Barbara Crissman and Ann Staley

Take exit 358 (SR-111/Cassat Ave.) north off of I-10 for 3/10 of a mile to Highway Ave. Turn west (left) onto Highway Ave. 8/10 mile to S. Ellis Road. Turn south (left) onto S. Ellis Rd for 3/10 mile to the cemetery. The cemetery will be on the right.

Carmel Cemetery, Jacksonville




Center Memorial Park, Jacksonville




Chapel Hill Memory Gardens, LaVilla




Chaseville Cemetery, Arlington




Chaseville Rd. Baptist Church Cemetery (Black)




Church of Our Savior Cemetery, Mandarin

 Kathi Balistreri



Clifton Cemetery, Arlington




Cosmo/McCormick/Palm Springs Cemetery, Arlington




Craig Swamp Cemetery (Phillips Cemetery)




Daniels-Smith Cemetery, Marietta




Dees Landing Cemetery. See Eubanks Memorial/Bowles/Dees Landing Cemetery




Deese Cemetery, Westside




Dinsmore Cemetery #1, Old Kings Rd




Dinsmore Cemetery #2




Dixie Pythian/Greenlawn Cemetery, Pottsburg Creek




Dunn's Creek/Tison Cemetery, Dunn's Creek Rd




Duval Cemetery (Old), Jacksonville




Duval Colored Cemetery (Old), Jacksonville, See Duval Cemetery (Old)




Duval County Paupers, Cemetery




Duval County Hospital and Asylum Cemetery




Eastport Cemetery, Main Street




Edgewood Cemetery, Kings Rd




Ellis Road Cemetery, See Camp Mooney Cemetery




Emmett Reed Park Cemetery





Eubanks Memorial/Bowles/Dees Landing Cemetery, North Jacksonville




Evergreen Cemetery, Main St.


Vets V1:1:65



Ferriera (Fernera/Ferreria) Memorial/Dunn Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Edwards Rd





First Baptist Church, Former Site, LaVilla




Floral Bluff Road, Arlington, See Bigelow Cemetery




Fort George Island, Mayport




Freedman's Cemetery, See Duval Cemetery (Old)




Fulton Cemetery




Garden City, Jacksonville, See Ogilvie Cemetery




Geiger Cemetery, Ellis Rd.




Gethsemane Memorial Gardens




Gillen/Gillon Cemetery, Pecan Rd




Gravely Hills Cemetery, See Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery (oldest section was formerly Gravely Hills Cemetery)




Greenland Cemetery, Greenland




Greenlawn Cemetery, St. Nicholas Area




Greenwood Cemetery, Moncrief Rd.




Hall Cemetery




Hart Mausoleum Site, Laura/Orange St.




Hebrew Cemetery, See Old City Cemetery




Hillside Pauper Cemetery, Laura/Orange St.




Houston Family Cemetery, See Talbot Island Cemetery




Hysler Cemetery, Cecil Field




Idlewild (Idlewood) Cemetery, Jacksonville Beach




Jacksonville Beach, Mayport Rd.




Jacksonville Humane Society Pet Cemetery




Jacksonville University Campus Cemetery, Arlington




Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery (Black), York Street




Jewish Center Cemetery, Jacksonville




Jewish Center Memorial Park, Jacksonville




Jones Cemetery, Jacksonville




Julington Baptist Cemetery, Mandarin




Julington Baptist Church Cemetery





Julington Creek Cemetery, Bayard




Julington/Sloan Cemetery, Mandarin




Kirkland, Lee Cemetery, Jacksonville Beach




Knight Cemetery, Dinsmore




Lindsley Cemetery, See Advent Christian Church Cemetery

 Kathi Balistreri, 2004



Lofton (Loftin) Cemetery, Mandarin




Lone Star Cemetery, See Mt. Zion Cemetery (Black)




Lone Star Cemetery, Arlington




Loretto Cemetery #1, Near Bayard




Loretto Cemetery #2, Mandarin




Mandarin Cemetery #1, Mandarin Rd




Mandarin Cemetery #2, San Jose Blvd




Manning Cemetery




Mayport Cemetery, US Naval Aux. Air Station




Mayport (East)/Pablo Cemetery (Old)




McCormick Cemetery #1, Arlington, IS THIS THE SAME AS COSMO/McCORMICK

 Joyce S. Jordan


 No date on survey. Appeared originally in JGS Quarterly Vol. 3, No. 4 (Dec 1975).

McCormick Cemetery #2, Dinsmore




McIntosh Crypts




Memorial Cemetery




Memory Gardens, Jacksonville




Mt. Herman Cemetery (New), Moncrief Rd.




Mt. Herman Cemetery (Old), West of Springfield




Mt. Olive Cemetery




Mt. Pleasant Baptist Cemetery, Hogan Rd.




Mt. Pleasant Cemetery #1, Moncrief Rd




Mt. Pleasant Cemetery #2, Girvin Rd




Mt. Zion AME Cemetery #1 (Black)




Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Black)




Mt. Zion Cemetery (Black), aka Lone Star




Mt. Zion, St. Augustine Rd




Nealtop, Martha Page Gravesite




New Berlin Cemetery, Heckscher Dr





New Center, Jacksonville




New Mt. Zion Holiness Church Cemetery (Black)




New St. James Baptist Cemetery




Nolan Cemetery




Oaklawn Cemetery, San Jose Blvd.




Ogilvie CemeteryLannie/Lem Turner Rd




Old Bowden Cemetery, See Bowden Cemetery




Old City Cemetery, Union/Washington St.

 Vets V1:2:13



Pablo Cemetery, See Mayport Cemetery




Palm Springs Cemetery, St. Johns Bluff, See Cosmo Cemetery




Parrish Cemetery, Normandy Blvd.




Parsons Cemetery, Arlington




Pet Memorial Gardens




Phillips Cemetery, See Craig Swamp Cemetery




Pickett-Turner Cemetery, Lem Turner Rd




Pickettville Cemetery, See Westview Cemetery




Pinegrave, Baldwin




Pinehurst Cemetery




Piney Grove Cemetery, Baldwin




Pinkston Cemetery, Marietta




Plummer, Edward D.




Plummer Family Plot, Mandarin Rd.




Plummer, Lawrence, Mandarin




Plummer, William, See Plummers Cove Cemetery




Plummers Cove Cemetery, Mandarin





Potters Field, Trout River area




Price Graveyard, See Edgewood Cemetery




Pythian Cemetery, See Greenlawn Cemetery




Rain[s] Cemetery




Reedy Cemetery, Ribault




Restlawn Memorial Park, Ribault Scenic Dr.




Restview Cemetery




Revolutionary War Soldiers Grave, Mandarin




Ripley Cemetery, Florida 47




Riverside Memorial Park, Normandy Blvd/I-295

 Vets V1:2:18

V28:2/3:1, V28:4:1, V29:1:21



Roberts-Spires Cemetery, Myrtle Av.




Sammis, Garrison Ave.




Sampson Cemetery, Bayard




Sand Hill Cemetery




Sellers Cemetery, Halsema Rd.




Shaw Cemetery, Jacksonville




Singleton Cemetery,Jacksonville

 V11:1:4 & 6



Sloans Landing Cemetery




Francis Smith, Memorial, Atlantic Beach




H. Warren Smith, Cemetery, Jacksonville Beach




Smith Cemetery




Spires Cemetery, Spires Street Cemetery, West 33rd St., See Roberts-Spires Cemetery




Springfield Advent Christian, Laura Street




St. James Baptist Cemetery




St. Johns Bluff, Fort Caroline




St. Johns Episcopal Cemetery




St. Joseph's Cemetery, Union/Washington St., See Old City Cemetery




St. Joseph's Cemetery, Behind Church, Lorretto/Old St., Augustine Road




St. Marys Cemetery

 Vets V1:2:19



St. Nicholas Cemetery #1, Olive and Linden St.




St. Nicholas Cemetery #2, Atlantic Ave.




St. Nicholas Cemetery, Beach Blvd.




Starratt Cemetery, Oceanway

 Stephanie P. Acosta, April 1980



Stone Cemetery, Lem Turner Rd/Bessent




Sunbeam Cemetery, Elinor Rd.




Sunset Memorial Park, Moncrief Rd




Sweetwater Cemetery, Sweetwater




Talbot Island Cemetery, Houston, Florida A1A




Talbot Island, Small Cemetery




Temple Cemetery, Mallory St.




Tillotson (Tilletson)- Singleton Cemetery, Girvin Rd., See Mayport (East) Cemetery




Tison's Dunn Creek Cemetery, See Dunn Creek/Tison Cemetery




Tisonia Cemetery, See Acosta Cemetery




Turknett Cemetery, 103rd Street




Turknett, Marietta




Turner/Pickett, Ida Street




Upton Cemetery, Baldwin




Wesconnett Cemetery, Jacksonville




West Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville




Westview Cemetery, Pickettville Rd




Whitker Cemetery




Woodlawn Cemetery




Yellow Fever Burial Ground, Old Jacksonville Fairgrounds




Yukon Cemetery, Roosevelt Blvd.




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